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Located closest to the Honduran mainland and ensconced in the Caribbean sea, Utila is the smallest of the three major Bay islands. With a distance of 18 miles from the coast, Utila is one of the islands that was formed due to volcanic action and coralline growth. Inhabited by Payan Indians (closely related to the Mayan Indians) 600 years ago, and later a part of the British Colony, Utila is a part of Honduras today.

Due to its colourful history, the island is consistent with a rich and heterogenous culture with a blend of British, American and Spanish legacy. This diverse mix of cultures makes Utila an authentic Caribbean island. The most attractive feature of this island other than being the least expensive, is the fact that it is till date, a largely undiscovered, placid and unblemished tropical island paradise.

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Diving in utila

Utila's reefs are mostly unexplored by visitors. Local people coming from the mainland Honduras and lobster divers are people who frequently visit the reefs.

The reefs are the biggest attraction that Utila offers its numerous tourists and its fantastic reefs combined with some of the least expensive dive courses in the World.

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getting to utila

Utila can be easily reached from La Ceiba either by sea or air. The island is serviced by the Utila Princess passenger ferry providing a total of two daily departures, making it easy to get to Utila from La Ceiba

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